Welcome to our website which updates to provide you the very latest information about Venerable Fr. Augustine John Ukken, founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity. Fr. Augustine John Ukken a great model of Sanctity and commitment towards God and fellow human beings, left us more than half a century ago. The fame of his holiness continuous to spread far and wide. Fr. Ukken from the Archdiocese of Thrissur led an exemplary life, with a harmonious blending of spirituality and active apostolate.
Throughout his life, Fr. Augustine John Ukken tried to grow and live in the love of God. John resolved that he would not seek any human love and that he will be fully committed to the love of God. Venerable Fr. Augustine John's personal holiness, love fore the church, his pastoral ministry, founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity( CSC ), and an engaging social apostolate were all clear examples of such a response. His whole life has been summarised by his oft-quoted motto : " To love is your duty; let no one surpass you in loving".


13 hour adoration will be held on 2 nd October 2023 at Chowannur John Nivas Chapel.

2023 October 13 – Venerable Fr. Augustine John Ukken’s 67 th death anniversary. Holy Mass & Sradha Oott at St. Thomas Church Chowannur.

Venerable Fr. Augustine John Ukken

The Venerable Fr. Augustine John Ukken (1880-1956), was a Diocesan Priest of Thrissur, hailing from the parish of Parappur

Venerable Fr. Augustine John Ukken's Dream

On Nov. 21, 1944, Fr. Ukken realized his dream of dedicated service to the community. He is the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity. At present the Congregation has about 800 members


The last 28 years of his life (1928-1956) he worked in Chowannur, and lived and uplifted the populace around. People used to call him "AchanThampuran", in appreciation of his charity activities.

Personal Sanctification

He lived a life of prayer and action. He spent long hours before the Eucharist for his own personal sanctification and those of the community he served.

His life was a long speech

His life was a long speech. Himself was a good preacher and has preached retreats for priests a number of times. John was also filled Holy Spirit and he sent many sisters to uplift the communities in Kerala and other states and even abroad.


Today, the CSC Congregation runs hospitals, schools, orphanages, home for the aged, mentally retarded, Press etc. in various parts of India, Germany, Italy, Keniya and Austria. Our sisters render valuable services in 8 dioceses in Kerala and 20 dioceses outside Kerala.

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