Birth at Thoyakkavu - 19.12.1880.
Baptism at Enammavu - 26.12.1880.
Mother's death - 1883.
Father's death - 1886
Childhood and primary education at Parappur - 1880--1892.c
Completing School studies at Trichur - 1895--1898
Decision to become Priest - 1898
Seminary studies at Kandy, Sri Lanka - 1898--1907
Ordination at Kandy - 21.12.1907
Assistant Manager of the St Thomas College, Trichur - 1908--1909
Parish priest, Kandassankadavu – 1909-1910
Rector Minor Seminary, Trichur - 1910--1917
Secretary to Mar John Menachery - 1913--1917
Parish priest of Lourdes Cathedral, Trichur - 1917--1918
Parish priest of Kottapady - 1918-1921.
Manager of the St Thomas College, Trichur - 1921- 1925
Parish priest Mattom - 1925-1928.
Parish priest Chowannur - 1928-1940, 1941-53
Parish priest (also) Chiralayam - 1933-1940
Parish priest of Palayur - 1940-1941
Parish priest in charge - Arthat, Anjoor, Cheroor, Eyyal, Orumanayoor, Guruvayoor, Parempadam, Vadanappilly, Vellarakad parishes.
Foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity - 21.11.1944.
Panchayath President (head of local civic administration) of Chowannur (period, not known).
Chaplain of the CSC Convent in Chowannur 1954-56
Death and burial at Chowannur the 13.10. 1956..
Start of the Canonization Process 30.11.2007
Servant of God 24.8.2008
Erection of the Archdiocesan Tribunal 31.8.2008.
The process of the Exhumation, Identification and Transfer of the mortal remains of the Servant of God 24.03.2010
Diocesan Inquiry on the Life and Virtues of the Servant of God Fr. Augustine John Ukken was closed 23.05. 2012
The Diocesan Inquiry about the alleged miracle closed 28.06.2012
Appointed Rev. Dr. Paul Pallath as Roman Postulator by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints 27.08.2012
The validity of diocesan process on the virtues of our founder father 22.02.2013
Appointed Rev. Sr. Varsha CSC, as Collaborator 04.03.2013
Appointed Rev. Sr. Pushpa CSC, as Vice Postulator 08.03.2013
Appointed Rev. Dr. Zdzislaw Kijas OFM as Relator by Congregation for the Causes of Saints 21.06. 2013
The validity of the diocesan process on the alleged miracle of our founder father 29.11.2013
Appointed Rev. Dr. Grace SD, as Postulator 14.02.2014
Appointed Rev. Sr. Fisher CSC, as Administrator on 21.04.2016
Holy father declared Fr. John Ukken - Venarable on 21.11.2018
Appointed Rev. Sr. Lawrence CSC, as Vice Postulator on 11.08.2018