John's father Anthappan came from the ancient family of Ukken (the name Ukken in Malayalam means powerful or forceful) from Edakulam. Anthappan's sister Acharunny had been married to Chiramel family in Parappur, a village 14 kms northwest of Trichur. Later, Anthappan also came to Parappur and settled there, buying a plot of land which later came to be known as Ukken parambu. Anthappan married Annamma Chalackal from Thoyakkavu. Their first child died after 2 years. God's mercy was shown to these devout parents when Augustine John was born on Dec. 19th, 1880. The child was baptized in the ancient parish church of Enammavu on Dec. 26th, 1880. Little John learned from his mother the virtues of love, generosity, kindness and fear of God and from his father the utter trust in God and in hard work.